Birmingham & District Theatre Guild
Birmingham & District Theatre Guild Registered Charity Number 1000711

The Birmingham & District Theatre Guild

Who we are: The BDTG was formed some 90 years ago to foster live theatre in the Midlands. It aims to promote co-operation and help amongst amateur groups  and to publicise and lobby on behalf of the activities of amateur theatre. Contacts: The Guild feels that it is important for amateur theatre to be kept in touch with what is happening both locally and nationally in the theatrical scene. We are therefore, in contact with, and send representatives to meetings which will have some bearing on amateur theatre. We then report on the activities of these bodies. Aims: The objects of the Guild are to further the advancement of the arts of drama and music, and the promotion of general education in relation to all aspects of such arts and the development of public appreciation therein. Funding: The Guild is a non-profit making registered charity. It is totally dependant on membership contributions, plus financial support in the form of sponsorship from businesses and trust funds to carry out this work.